Bolton School Junior Girls

Former Head Prefect's View

Former Head Prefect, Olivia Stubbs, offers her views on the Junior Girls' School:

Bolton School is made up of many different buildings. At the heart of the campus lies the Girls’ Junior School, Hesketh House. Led by Mrs Brierley, Hesketh House is a warm and welcoming place to be, with an atmosphere bristling with activity and creativity. It is a great place to learn and experience new things. Hesketh House is set over three floors consisting of classrooms, a hall (used for dining and assemblies), a wonderful library and a fully kitted out Art and Science rooms. The I.C.T room has keyboards installed with the latest equipment to help with our music making. Outside we have a musical sensory garden overlooking the playing fields with a gazebo, drums, chime bars and benches. We have our own playground with netball posts, hula hoops, skipping ropes, balls and a beautiful amphitheatre.

At Hesketh house all the teachers are helpful and supportive as well as always making lessons fun and engaging. With many different lessons there is always something to look forward to. We have an amazing variety of lessons that include Mathematics, English, I.C.T and languages. We also have lessons called Learning Challenges, which is topic based learning and includes History, Geography, R.S. and Art/D.T.

We participate in many different sports during our time at Hesketh House: these include swimming, athletics, rounders, tennis, netball, gymnastics, dance and lacrosse, (for year 6 girls only). We also have many sports teams and compete against different school teams in various leagues. We have trials to represent the Swimming, Cross-Country and Netball teams. We also have a Chess team and we are really proud to have the British Chess Champion as a member of Year6 in Hesketh House.

During lunch times we have the opportunity to join extra-curricular clubs. The clubs cover all interests: sport, music creative and academic skills. Each pupil in the Junior School is expected to do at least one lunch time club each half term. We have several music clubs which include Orchestra, String Orchestra, Concert Band, Choir and Flute Choir. As well as a range of sports clubs there is a, ‘drop in Maths clinic’, Scrabble and Word Play club, Cookery, Chess and a Year 6 Maths club.

Music plays a key part in life at Hesketh House. We have three music lessons a week that include recorder, keyboard and singing. Individual music lessons are also available on almost any instrument in Hesketh House’s very own Music Practice Rooms. Each year in February we host a Music Festival where pupils play a piece of music on an instrument of their choice to an adjudicator who offers feedback on the performance and tips to improve. It is wonderful to listen to friends perform.

Throughout the school year we go on out of school visits to extend our learning and experience new things. In years 4, 5 and 6 there is an opportunity to go to Patterdale Hall, an outdoor pursuit centre in the Lake District. In years 5 and 6 there is the opportunity to go to Italy on the Ski Trip and in the run up to Christmas we look forward to a theatre trip. Visitors also come into school and run workshops on topics that we are studying for example: the Vikings, Romans and the aspects of Science is explored through performances by the Kinetic Theatre Group and the Young Shakespeare Company’s visit is always a treat.

As well as curriculum subjects, we perform a whole school production at Christmas in the Girls’ Division Great Hall. At the end of the summer term the Year 3, 4 and 5 girls perform a summer concert whilst year 6 write and perform their interpretations of Shakespeare play. Hesketh House also hosts a Spring Fair run by the Parents’ Association and the many stalls are full of great things to do and buy. In fact, there is so much to do here at Hesketh House: there is a baking competition, an egg decorating competition, a photography competition…Hesketh House offers a happy learning environment with endless opportunities to explore. There is always a new challenge waiting to be seized.

Hesketh House is simply the best place to be!