Bolton School Junior Girls

Year 3 Outdoor Learning Day 2015

In June, the Junior Girls' School holds an Outdoor Learning Day for the Year 3 girls. This day of outdoor activities introduces the girls to outdoor pursuits and acts as a precursor to the girls' Patterdale trips in Years 4, 5 and 6.

To read more about the 2015 event, click here.

Building a shelter
Using sticks as makeshift pegs
The finished shelter
The girls had lots of fun during Bushcraft
Enjoying orienteering
Girls enjoyed the 'caterpillar race'
Team members had to move one at a time
It was even harder to race blindfold!
Celebrating crossing the finish line
Archery was a big hit with the girls
They had fun improving their skills
Lining up the next shot
This unusual sport was a great challenge
Another group prepare
Ready to fire