"I remember my days at school vividly and with great affection. Bolton School has a great tradition in the liberal arts. I've always acted for the love of it and this first love was inspired at Hopefield, the school theatre."

Sir Ian McKellen - Actor and Old Boy

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A Taste of Ancient Greece

Tuesday, 02 November 2010

Year 3 Junior Girls were given a taste of Ancient Greece when they were visited by The Freshwater Theatre Company.

The girls got to take part in a variety of games and tasks as they were invited to go back in time to Ancient Greece to help launch a new TV channel - Time Travel TV! They helped to compile episodes such as "I'm an Athenian, get me out of here!" about how Ancient Athenians survived different lifestyles, and other episodes involving live talk shows, TV debates, Olympic athlete talent contests and celebrity gods. The workshop aimed to be fun whilst teaching them lots of interesting facts about the Ancient Greeks. The girls learnt about the Greek alphabet and how our own alphabet can be traced back to this, and about how famous Greeks such as Pythagoras and Hippocrates had an influence on many things from mathematics to medicine to drama that can still be felt today.

The Freshwater Theatre Company run literacy, history, MFL and cross-curricular drama sessions and workshops which include drama activities such as role play and hot seating and have  links to many creative and cross-curricular topics such as Ancient Civilisations, Incredible Egyptians, Olympics, Toys, Second World War, Victorians, Famous People, Invaders and Settlers and the Seaside, as well as the Greeks.

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Year 3 Ancient Greece workshop

The girls took part in a variety of games and tasks while learning all about the Greeks

Year 3 Ancient Greece workshop Year 3 Ancient Greece workshop