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Architects for a Day!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Year 4 and 5 Junior Girls had a fabulous time taking part in Architectural Workshops with a theme of Habitats and Shelters for the Year 4's and Bridge Design for the Year 5's.

For Year 4 girls the workshop linked in with not only their Science Topic of Habitats but also their Geography Topic of Villages and Settlements. The girls were divided into teams of four and were shown how to make triangles out of wood and then join these to make strong architectural shapes that eventually led to free-standing strong structures. The girls had a marvellous time and learnt a great deal regarding shapes and structures. They developed skills of working together as a team and problem solving as a group.

For the Year 5 girls, the workshop had them involved from the word go in hands-on building tasks, which saw initial bipods and tripods evolved to form 2D shapes then 3D tetrahedrons. Subsequently the girls formed small teams to combine their structures to build larger ones, complete team challenges and understand a little more about the properties of the shapes they had built. The project culminated in the collaborative bridge-building, each team managing to secure around 30 pieces of wood in the correct manner to make a raised, self-supported truss bridge over a metre high. A super experience and great lead in to work next term on Shape in Maths and Water in our Learning Challenges.



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