Bolton School Junior Girls

Book Donation Enhances Library

Hesketh House boasts a wonderful Library for all pupils to enjoy and thanks to the generosity of Tara Wallis's parents, the large selection of reading material has been extended.

The Library has been one place that Year 6 pupil Tara has enjoyed visiting on most days during her four years of her junior school life. It has made such an impact upon her that her parents have kindly donated a generous selection of books for all members of the school community to enjoy. Tara says: "One of the best things about my time at the Junior School is the amazing Library. I have loved spending time there during rainy lunch breaks. My mum and I thought it would be a good idea to buy the school some of my very favourite books so that other girls can enjoy them as much as I did."

The library allows girls to sample many different genres of books. Reading is of prime importance in Hesketh House not only as part of the curriculum, but as a skill that is pivotal and transferable to every aspect of a child's education and life.

All at Hesketh House would like to extend sincere thanks to the Wallis family for their generosity.