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Creative Characters for World Book Day

Thursday, 02 March 2017

  • World Book Day - Diverse Group
  • World Book Day - Whole School
  • World Book Day - Alice in Wonderland Group
  • World Book Day - Gandalf and Harry Potter
  • World Book Day - Cogsworth
  • World Book Day - Group of girls
  • World Book Day - Algebra Inventor al-Khwarizmi
  • World Book Day - Year 6 Group
  • World Book Day - Original Viking Character

Book characters galore arrived in School to celebrate the 20th anniversary of World Book Day. Pupils enjoyed showing off their creative ideas through costume and props.

The costumes were varied and showed the wide range of interests in the Junior Girls’ School. There were lots of fantasy characters, including Hogwarts pupils, witches and wizards, denizens of Wonderland, and animals from a host of different stories! One pupil decided to dress up as a character from a poem called ‘The Dance Lesson’, inspired by the idea of always trying to achieve a high standard and do your best. Du’a Qedwai chose the historical figure al-Khwarizmi as her World Book Day costume because she loves maths and he is the inventor of algebra! Zara Kadva came into School as Cogsworth from the classic tale of ‘Beauty and the Beast’, inspired by the fact that this character will be portrayed by Sir Ian McKellen in the new film and he was once a pupil at Bolton School. Imogen Ferrier had even come into school as Ithor, a Viking character from her own story!

Lessons in the school day reflected everyone’s love of literature and reading: the children made their own little books and pursued many wonderful book orientated activities. At a special assembly, they enthusiastically sang the World Book Day Song, watched film trailers advertising new books, and in MFL lessons used their language skills to communicate about their book characters’ traits in other languages!

As always, the day was full of colour, creativity, delight and the air was buzzing with the children’s sense of enjoyment through dressing up and learning new things.

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