Bolton School Junior Girls

Dhatri's Birthday Gift of Charity

Year 5 pupil Dhatri Anil showed real compassion for others when she decided that for her 9th birthday she would ask her friends to make a small charity donation instead of getting her presents. Her family matched the amount raised to make a total of £280!

She was able to send INR 20,000 (approximately £230) to a primary school she recently visited in India and a further £50 to the NSPCC.

She said: “I believe that every person has a duty to help others who are in need. I’ve been thinking about it for some time. When I went to India this summer, my mum and I went to my mum’s old primary school. I was shocked to see how old the building was! The furniture was old and there were almost no books in the library. My mum was very upset about this. She told me that most parents want to send their children to study in the big cities, so the school wasn’t getting as much funding. She wanted to help, so I told her that I would contribute instead of having presents. I’m hoping that it will help staff at the primary school to buy furniture and books. I also donated to NSPCC. I hope they can use it to fund their projects for children”

She received letters of thanks from both organisations following her donations.

She said, “I was quite overjoyed to get the letters of thanks! I even told my mum how wonderful it feels to have done something different for my birthday.”

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