"Pupils are encouraged to volunteer, to lead, to perform, to try new things, to move outside their comfort zone and they emerge as fine, rounded, honourable young adults equipped to thrive and succeed wherever life takes them."

Mrs Helen Critchlow, Parent

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Discovering History With 'The Keymaster'

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

  • Y6 Play Keymaster - students with the Keymaster
  • Y6 Play Keymaster - smugglers
  • Y6 Play Keymaster - unlocking tmie
  • Y6 Play Keymaster - Victorian era
  • Y6 Play Keymaster - evacuee
  • Y6 Play Keymaster - suffrage movement
  • Y6 Play Keymaster - Tudor doctor
  • Y6 Play Keymaster

This summer term, Year 6 pupils from Hesketh House put on a spectacular end of year performance of The Keymaster. The musical is about a group of school children who are clearly bored with their history lessons. However, when yet another supply teacher arrives to give their usual lesson, they are amazed to find that history is far from boring: he transforms into the Keymaster and takes them on a colourful journey through time from 1066 to the present day!

However, it is their visit to 50 years in the future that makes the most impact on the children, as they realise that the decisions they make today will influence the world to come.

The Hesketh House pupils took on a number of roles each to bring each age to life. They sang, acted and danced as well as contributing to the set design, props, costumes and programme designs. They put on two fabulous performances of The Keymaster. Matinee and evening audiences with the show and the theatre was filled with laughter and applause on both occasions.

Adithi Prasad, Nicola Shaw, Eve Blackmore and Jemima Stubbs wrote about The Keymaster: “It was a really fun experience as we have never done anything like this before. We worked really well as a team and our parents thought the show was amazing. They couldn’t believe how professional the performance was. Everyone tried their best.”


Click the following links or press the play button below to watch The Keymaster: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

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