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Emma is Picture Perfect

Wednesday, 06 July 2016

The hotly contested Junior Girls’ Photography Competition has been won by Emma Arnison from Year 4. This year’s theme was “Nature” and, as ever, the girls showed off their photographic capabilities through a wide range of stunning images. Charged with the difficult task of judging this year’s competition was School photographer Mark Power of Karl Kramer Photography. Picking out the winning entry, he said: “The overall winner is taken from what I thought was the strongest section (Year 4) and is a straightforward, easy to understand, ‘nice’ picture. The use of colour is good, too, with the red ladybird contrasting starkly with - and therefore standing out from - the various greens of the foliage around it. The focus point of the image is perfect, right on the insect and the photographer has avoided any particularly bright highlights in the frame. Well done!” 

Emma received a canvas of her photograph and there were also canvases for individual year group winners – Rosie Heywood from Year 3, Grace Houghton from Year 4, Anisha Pahade from Year 5 and Anna Wiggets of Year 6. 

Remarking on the year group winners, Mark said: “The Year 3 winner is also a fairly simple image, often the best kind to enter into competitions. The roundness of the flower contrasts nicely with the rectangular frame and the slight offset from centre adds to the image. The Year 4 winner was one of several entries that could have come first on another day. The frolicking horse is well captured and exposed, although my suggestion for next time would be to hold the camera to get a horizontal shot rather than vertical, which leaves the horse quite close to the edge of the frame and maybe just a little too much foreground. The Year 5 winner was probably the closest to the sort of image that I would take for such a competition. Once again, a very simple image featuring nice textures and subdued colours. The wetness of the subject adds to the final image and the texture of the foreground is fantastic. Finally, the Year 6 winner was a lovely example of flower photography. The flower itself was very red and pristine, with no damage whatsoever to any of the petals. Again, a fairly simple shot which I would have simplified even further by zooming right into the centre of the flower itself, taking advantage of the soft lighting and shadows and making the whole frame just red petals - thereby removing the slight distraction of the various parts of the background around the flower head. Well done to all the winning photographers and congratulations to the whole school on both the number and standard of the entries.”

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The winning girls show off their prizes - canvases of their photographs

The winning girls show off their prizes - canvases of their photographs

Headmistress of the Girls

Headmistress of the Girls' Division, Sue Hincks, awarded the girls with their prizes