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Focus on Brazil for MFL Day

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Each year, the Junior Girls’ School spends a whole day absorbing the culture of another country through activities and their imaginations on Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Day. The exciting destination for 2022 was Brazil.

Girls were asked to come into school wearing yellow, green and blue – the colours of Brazil’s flag – which made the corridors very colourful for the day. After a morning assembly to set the mood, the whole school broke off into an exciting series of round-robin workshops, each focused on a different aspect of Brazil’s culture.

The Hall became the scene for a Brazilian Carnival Dance Workshop! Each year group in turn got moving, learned the moves for a whole song and enjoyed some energetic dancing.

After learning about some Brazilian footballing legends by watching clips, the girls headed outside for a fast-paced football masterclass with Mrs Higgins. The girls ran through lots of drills and had fun developing their football skill level.

They learned more about Brazilian culture in general and the differences between Brazil and the UK in a fact-finding mission in the IT Suite. They also had the chance to learn some Portuguese with Sra Eccleshare and practised their newfound conversational skills with parrot finger-puppets!

In the science room, Miss Fairclough led the girls in a Samba Percussion session. There was plenty of time for the girls to try their hand at different percussion instruments and the result was lots of enthusiastic music-making!

There was even Brazilian themed food at lunchtime thanks to the catering staff, including the chocolatey treat brigadeiros for pudding.

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