"As I now look to my next steps in life at University, I am confident that my academic abilities and social skills which I have developed at Bolton School will get me far in life."

Year 13 Bursary Recipient, Girls' Division

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Gifted and Talented Enjoy Bolton School Workshop

Wednesday, 01 March 2017

  • Saturday Workshop - Looking at a model
  • Saturday Workshop - Focusing on 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'
  • Saturday Workshop - Girls work together

Thirty gifted and talented pupils from a wide range of junior schools from across the North-West enjoyed an English and Design and Technology Saturday Challenge workshop based on A Midsummer Night’s Dream and held at Bolton School. The pupils, aged between 9-11 years, had been selected by their schools as a child that had specific talents suited to the subjects of the day.  

Children enjoyed the chance to absorb themselves in the co-curricular experience aptly named, 'The Mechanics of the Mechanicals'. Exploring how cams, compressions, levers and joints work, the pupils built their own ergonomes or figures to represent one of the Mechanicals – a group of six Athenian workmen who create the funniest of plays within Shakespeare’s comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In one activity, having picked the magic flower, Love-in-Idleness, the pupils then learnt whether they would be Quince the carpenter, Flute the bellows-mender, Bottom the weaver, Snug the joiner, Snout the tinker or Starveling the tailor. The challenge day provided a balance of group work in role play and independent activities in D&T. 

Toward the end of the day, parents were invited to join the children and to see what had been achieved during the workshop sessions.

"My daughter had a fantastic day. She loved the fact that there was a mix between English, Drama and D&T. She has taken the activities she did on the day into school and given a talk to the class. I was impressed with the content, structure and the way in which the activities engaged my daughter," said one parent. 

Mrs Worsley from Bolton School Junior Girls’ School and Miss Langley, a D&T teacher from Senior Girls’ School ran the NWGT Saturday workshop, having already collaborated on the School’s SHINE programme, which also attracts gifted local children.

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