Bolton School Junior Girls

Girls Bury Time Capsule for Future Pupils

Bolton School Junior Girls have planted a time capsule at the front of their school for future Hesketh House girls and teachers to dig up in 25 years time!

The Head Girl and Form Captains helped to bury the lead capsule in the earth at the front of the school, and the capsule also leads those who dig it up to a further box inside the school containing more items. Lots of photos and memories of life at the school in 2011 are sealed in the boxes including a whole school photograph, school plans, the Hesketh House opening booklet and order of service, class timetables, newsletters, examples of children's work reflecting on what life might be like in 25 years time, a letter from Head and one from the Head Girl, and many photographs of school life.

In her letter contained in the capsule, Headmistress Mrs Ruth Brierley writes: "The idea of burying a 'Time Capsule' is quite an exciting one for a variety of reasons. Not least because the girls who currently spend their days learning in Hesketh House love a challenge and exciting projects that capture their imagination. They have already mused on where they might be in 25 years time and indeed what they will be doing. I daresay if it could be arranged they would like to be part of the opening of the 'buried box' for reflection sake alone. Who knows it may be possible to find some of them? Having revealed the contents of the capsule, to then know there is an even larger box full of treasures stored in school can only lead to moments of greater surprise and engagement in learning about the past. We hope you enjoy the wide variety of examples, photographs and memories we have put together as a school. Comparisons will be interesting and thought provoking if not amusing at times. As the first Head of Hesketh House I am proud of all we stand for and know you will enjoy your journey through this wonderful school. It is a privilege to have found a way of sharing part of our'now' with you."

Time Capsule

Girls help to bury the time capsule which will be dug up by future Hesketh House pupils in 25 years time

Time Capsule