Bolton School Junior Girls

Girls Discover Enhanced Virtual Reading Experience

Bolton School Junior Girls have been getting to grips with the latest technology, in the form of Augmented Reality books!

These interactive books are the latest addition to the well stocked library and the girls are having fun meeting dinosaurs, making pirates walk the plank, and holding fairies in the palm of their hands.

Augmented reality is a new technology that allows your webcam to recognise pages of the book and create 3D animations that come to life from the pages of your book to provide an enhanced reading experience. With Augmented Reality, a reader can see text and images on a page as usual, but they can also see dynamic, 3D computer graphics "hovering" over the page which they can interact with.

The reader can see the 3D graphics from whatever point of view they desire by simply turning the physical book around to see the model from behind, or manoeuvring the book directly toward them to see the model from above.

The girls are very excited about these new additions to the library. Year 6 pupil Thea Simpson said: "I really enjoyed using the augmented reality books. When you held the book or a special card up to the webcam, the book came to life on the screen - it was truly amazing! When you held the card, a fairy appeared, pirates attacked you and you could even drive a boat or dodge rainstorms and sharks or islands! When you held the cannonball up, it could check your targeting skills from the other ship; which was excellent. We also had monsters and by simply picking and moving the great white shark card from side to side in front of the webcam, a gigantic great white shark came right up to you. It scared the life out of me and my friends. It was a fun and exciting way to read."

Head of Junior Girls, Mrs Ruth Brierley, said: "Words really have come to life at Hesketh House with the addition of 'Augmented Reality' books into the Junior School library. The pupils were very excited at the prospect of being able to watch sharks and dinosaurs materialising from the pages of these books whilst engaging with facts and information about them. Whilst the most magical experience for some of the girls was to have a 'fairy' float up from the page and settle on their hands. Clearly our library is going to be as popular a place as ever with these new additions."

Girls discover Augmented reality books

The girls enjoyed the interactive experience of the new augmented reality books

Girls discover Augmented reality books

A dinosaur egg hatches from the pages!

Girls discover Augmented reality books