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Junior Girls Enjoy Spanish Day

Thursday, 05 February 2015

Pupils at Hesketh House, Bolton School’s Junior Girls’ School, have enjoyed a day dedicated to all things Spanish. 

Mrs Labbe, who helped Mrs Hornby organise the day, said: “Each year we fully absorb the girls in a foreign country, in recent times we have had Italian, Belgian, German and Spanish days. The girls engage with a wide range of cultural aspects relating to that country including art, music, dance and the language. Girls study Spanish at Hesketh House from Years 3 to 5 and days like this really bring on their language skills; it also helps give them an understanding of other cultures. Many will go on to study Spanish at Senior School.”

Each of the four year groups took turns at a different activity, which included producing their own Picasso-inspired artwork. The girls considered the work of the Spanish artist, particularly his musically-inspired pieces, and then produced their own simple Cubist representations. Throughout the day there was also an opportunity to learn some dance steps and enjoy Spanish music. These skills were put to the test during lunch when Catering Manager, Mr Scialpi-Sullivan, provided some Spanish guitar music for the girls to dance to.

Younger girls produced a Spanish map collage and older girls, in teams, were tasked with producing a pitch to the Head, Mrs Brierley, which would persuade her to visit the town they were promoting. Girls used their imagination, producing PowerPoint presentations, raps, iMovies and pamphlets.

The girls, who were allowed to wear something red for the day, were energised by a Spanish-themed lunch which included Pollo al Chilindron and Cazuela con Verduras with maiz and a dessert of Crumble de manzana y caramelo con Helado.

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Girls and staff enjoyed an impromptu lunch time flamenco!

Girls and staff enjoyed an impromptu lunch time flamenco!

The day produced some stunning Picasso-inspired artwork

The day produced some stunning Picasso-inspired artwork

Catering staff provided a Spanish-themed lunch