"The Summer Concert was one of the most amazing, joyous, life-affirming events we have ever been to."

Parent, Junior Girls' School

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Girls Enjoy Travelling by Tuba

Monday, 07 February 2011

Bolton School Junior Girls were treated to a performance with a difference when they were visited by music duo 'Travelling by Tuba'.

There was a strong emphasis on audience participation as the whole school were given an exciting presentation tracing the history of the tuba. The show featured weird and exotic examples of musical instruments from all over the world beginning with a Viking and his horn, an ancient aboriginal didjeridu and a Fijian conch shell. Journeying through the courts of Europe girls got to hear typical music of the time played on early instruments including the sackbut and they got to hear the postman's posthorn which would have been played on the royal mail coach 400 years ago. The girls were shown the first tuba, the weird and wonderful serpent which developed into the tuba as we know it today, and discovered how the tuba works through playing homemade hoseophones.

Following the show, Travelling by Tuba's Stewart and Chris ran musical workshops with smaller groups of girls throughout the day.

Formed seventeen years ago, Travelling by Tuba has developed a highly successful award-winning education programme suitable for children of all ages. It has been featured on Channel 4 on their Okey Cokey Karioke programme and in the Times Educational Supplement. The educational work of Travelling by Tuba has been recognised by Arts Council England for its clarity of presentation and relevance to the National Curriculum.


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