Bolton School Junior Girls

Girls’ Harvest Boost for Urban Outreach

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Y5 pupils at Bolton School’s Junior Girls’ School presented a thoughtful Harvest Festival Assembly to their peers and parents, along with the help of special guest Dave Bagley of Urban Outreach and the School Choir. 

Through songs, film footage and stories the girls asked the audience to think about where our food comes from, and in particular how far some of the ingredients have travelled to get to our plates – food miles. The also focused on farming in the UK and some of the food that is grown in the UK such as potatoes, carrots, wheat, barley and corn. 

Dave Bagley then performed a humorous sketch, ‘Chocolate Box’, about a man who does not share his chocolate! Whilst amusing, there was a serious message too about the importance of sharing what we have. ‘When we share, we change the world. When we share, it makes the world happy, and somehow it makes us happy, too,’ Dave told the girls and their parents. 

He praised the girls for collecting so many food items, telling them: ‘You can feel incredibly happy because you’ve changed people’ lives. All of this will change the world for lots of people.’ He told them that, at 1.2 tonnes, it was the largest total donation he had received for some time and that Urban Outreach was so very grateful for everyone’s generosity.

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