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Girls Perform 'Alice the Musical'

  • Alice the Musical Alices
  • Alice the Musical White Rabbit
  • Alice the Musical Caterpillar dance
  • Alice the Musical Queen of Hearts
  • Alice the Musical Wonderland
  • Alice the Musical dancers
  • Alice the Musical Alice grows
  • Alice the Musical Mad Hatter's Teaparty
  • Alice the Musical Lobster Quadrille
  • Alice the Musical Duchess
  • Alice the Musical Caterpillar

The Junior Girls’ Summer Concert transported the audience to Wonderland. Pupils performed ‘Alice the Musical’, a retelling of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll packed with memorable poems and songs.

Eva Hurst, Sienna White and Jennah Kideer shared the role of Alice, and each of them sang beautiful solos throughout the musical. Amelia Crompton played the White Rabbit and did a wonderful job singing the fast-paced lyrics of her character’s theme song ‘I’m Late’ while rushing up and down the hall!

Once down the rabbit hole, Alice’s changes in size, the Caucus Race and ‘The Mouse’s Tale’ sung by Paavana Sugumar were a humorous introduction to the world of Wonderland. Meeting the Caterpillar was definitely a memorable moment, with Dinburgh Ai tap dancing and singing the jazzy number ‘Who Are You?’ while several more dancers formed the Caterpillar’s additional legs and long body.

Alice’s adventures continued with the ‘Pig and Pepper’ rap, during which she met Hannah Faulkner as the Duchess, Angie Varsanth as the Cook and Lily-Grace Greer as the Cheshire Cat. Olivia Laithwaite as the Mad Hatter, Evie Morris as the March Hair and Aleeza Sadiq as the Dormouse brought to life the strange tea-party that Alice joins, with Olivia singing a solo in ‘Mad as a Hatter’.  Alice went on to meet the King and Queen of Hearts and play a ridiculous game of croquet. During ‘The Royal Procession’ and ‘Croquet Song’, Aditi Prashant, Hannah Faulkner, Aaliyah Karim, Amy Heaton and Hana Turnbull sang solos.

The next scene once again focused on the strange animals of Wonderland as Alice was taken by the Gryphon to see the Mock Turtle. There she was introduced to the energetic ‘Lobster Dance’, with solos from Ella Clarkson as the Lobster and Annabelle Guest as the Gryphon. The Mock Turtle, played by Emily Bowden, then shared her love of ‘Beautiful Soup’ with Annabelle also performing solos.

There was drama in the courtroom when the Knave of Hearts was accused of stealing the tarts, with solos from Alice Nielsen as the Queen of Hearts and Harshini Madhu Shankar and Laila Westwood as the King of Hearts. Angie and Olivia also reprised their roles as the Cook and the Mad Hatter in this song. The Queen of Hearts shouted her catchphrase, and the song ‘Off With Her Head’ included solos from both the King and Queen of Hearts.

The musical ended with a reprise of the song ‘Wonderland’, with all three Alices singing solos as they marvelled at the strangeness of the place they had visited.

‘Alice the Musical’ with its fast-paced and funny storytelling and songs delighted audiences at two performances.


Watch ‘Alice the Musical’ here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

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