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Girls Present Song of the Earth

Girls in Years 3, 4 and 5 showcased their talents in a spectacular Summer Concert titled ‘Song of the Earth’. Parents and grandparents were welcomed to Hesketh House for two performances, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.

Headmistress Mrs Brierley said of the performance: “Through song, percussion, poetry recital and dance, the girls wove their way through powerful descriptions of how  human beings impact the Earth, exploring our rights and responsibilities. In the words of Berthold Auerbach, ‘Music truly does wash away from the soul the dust of everyday life’.”

The programme opened with Year 4’s composition ‘The Elements’, which they created using their iPads and the Garage Band app! The music really captured the wonder of nature, and the accompanying images of crashing waves, sand dunes, shoals of fish, forest and jungles, sunrises, flocks of birds, mountains, and vast plains really helped to set the mood for the afternoon. This was followed by 5LF playing a percussion piece based on the sunrise.

After this fantastic beginning, all of the girls joined together to sing ‘One Sun, One World’. This was followed by a poem, ‘In Tune with Mother Nature’, and another song: ‘The Earth, Sea and Sky’. All of these elements flowed together to give a vivid picture of the Earth.

Year 3 then performed a percussion piece which took the audience deep into the heart of the rainforest. Their clicking fingers, rubbing and clapping hands, and the subtle use of percussion instruments sounded just like a rainstorm rolling in and engulfing the trees. They even recreated a roll of thunder by jumping on the stage! All of the girls then sang ‘The Rainforest’.

A number of Year 3 girls came forward to read poems. These perfectly brought to mind the different animals that live in the rainforest, from the peaceful sloth to the poisonous snake to the powerful tiger.

This was followed by a further two songs: ‘Born in a Wonderful World’ and ‘Children of the World’.

The girls then transported the audience from the earth into the sea. Year 4 girls read out a humorous poem titled ‘Water’, which described a child’s changing understanding from thinking that water simply comes from a tap to realising the real scope of the water cycle. The pupils then performed ‘Diez Pececitos’ – a song in Spanish about fish – while some of the younger girls played the part of the fish, running down the central isle one by one before returning for the final chorus. The final song from ‘under the sea’ focused on the plight of the sharks, which are so often misunderstood. The girls sang ‘Ocean Commotion’, and three girls stalked up and down the isle as grumpy sharks, fed up of being blamed for everything!

The final section of the performance took to the sky. The girls help the audience’s imagination gently drift up above the clouds with the song ‘Hot Air Balloon’. They then reminded everyone of the power present in the skies by singing ‘Thunder and Lightning’, a theme which was picked up by the Year 5s playing percussion. They ended this section with another two songs: ‘I am the Wind’ which was accompanied by lovely dancing from two pupils, and the wonderfully evocative ‘Stars’.

With the end of the Summer Production drawing near, it was time for the finale. The girls sang the upbeat ‘We Share a Wonderful World’ and followed this with a reading of the poem ‘Earth’. Finally they ended the performance by singing ‘One World’ which was a very fitting end to the performance.

The girls did a wonderful job entertaining parents, grandparents and teachers alike, and it was obvious that they had a great time performing. These meaningful songs allowed the girls to put on a great show while at the same time learning more about the world around them.

In the words of one delighted parent: “The Summer Concert was one of the most amazing, joyous, life-affirming events we have ever been to! It was an absolute privilege to see genuinely happy, confident, wonderful and unique young ladies. What was striking was how the magic of their performance, and the healing effect of the music, was blended with vitally important educational and social issues that most adults completely ignore.”


Listen to the music from 'Song of the Earth' on our Soundcloud page: click here.

The colourful costumes made for a great spectacle

The colourful costumes made for a great spectacle

Who am I - a snake

Who am I? A snake!

Year 5 pupils play percussion on boomwhackers

Year 5 pupils play percussion on boomwhackers