"We could not be more delighted with our son's progress at Beech House. His personal and social development has been remarkable. Academically we have seen him make excellent progress as well."

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Girls Tamper with The Tempest

Friday, 21 June 2013

Having tampered with The Tempest in English lessons, Year 6 girls from Hesketh House took great delight in performing their devised pieces entitled ‘Tampering with the Tempest’ in the Girls' Division Theatre to parents and friends. 

And they did so with aplomb. Their interpretations of the story saw them use some of the original poetic lines from Shakespeare's play as well rewriting his work in their own scripts, including aspects of dancing and singing to modern tunes. In addition to performing, the pupils produced creative written work that showed their true understanding of themes and characters. Furthermore, they were treated to a ceramics workshop by Mrs Fisher from the Girls' Division Art Department, where they explored new skills in art and linked these to the main themes of the Tempest - magic, power, masters and slaves. All the girls' work has been put together to form an exhibition of their talents on the Theatre corridor.



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The Tempest

Girls performed their interpretations of The Tempest for parents and friends

The Tempest

They enjoyed a ceramics workshop based on the themes of The Tempest

The Tempest