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Girls Tell 'The Shepherd's Story'

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For their Christmas performance, Junior Girls told ‘The Shepherd’s Story’ through song, dance and narration. Adapted from Michael Morpugo’s book ‘On Angel Wings’, their version of the nativity was a story told by an old shepherd who was the very first visitor to the newborn baby Jesus.

Clear sections of narration were interspersed with great acting and entertaining songs. The Choir opened the evening with a moving rendition of ‘Diamond Bright Choir’, and the following musical numbers were sung by the massed voices of all the Junior Girls. Pupils playing percussion provided additional accompaniment to some of the songs, and throughout there were impressive solo performances from girls, particularly Hana Turnbull who played the old shepherd in his youth.

The music included the traditional French carol ‘Entre Le Boeuf Et L’âne Gris’, which was sung entirely in French, and also more modern Christmas songs such as ‘Do You Hear What I Hear?’, ‘All Over the Hillside’ and the very funny scene-setter ‘We Are Shepherds’.

The Year 3 classes danced, twinkling as stars for ‘Following Your Star’ and playing sleepy sheep during ‘Wake Up I Think I See An Angel’.

The three angels, played by Dinburgh Ai, Lily-Grace Greer and Laila Westwood, also performed a beautiful dance which spread down the central aisle while whisking the shepherd from the hillside to the stable.

The performance ended with an uplifting rendition of ‘Unto Us A Child Is Born’. At the evening performance, the whole audience rose to their feet to join in the singing and hand-clapping during a final reprise of this final carol.


Click here to watch the full evening performance of ‘The Shepherd’s Story’.

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