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Harvest Lessons at Hesketh House

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The Junior Girls’ Charity Representatives led a thoughtful Harvest Celebration. Earlier in the day, the girls had helped Mrs Marsden to create a spectacular display on the stage using the products so generously donated by pupils and their families, which were given to local charity Urban Outreach after the assembly.

The girls began by telling the story of the Little Red Hen, complete with masked actors on the stage, and linked the tale to the important message at harvest time to think of those less fortunate. They went on to explain a little about harvest celebrations in America and in Jewish communities, while also acknowledging that poor harvests still directly impact people’s lives today. This was followed by a prayer of thanks.

Pupils then announced the first of two guests, Mrs Head, formerly a History teacher in the Girls’ Division Senior School. She introduced girls to her teddy bear, which she has kept because he was something special to her. She went on to explain that in the past, three or four hundred years ago, people’s priorities were very different and the most special things people had were shelter and food. This was the origin of the harvest festival: after the hard work of bringing in and preserving their food, people wanted to celebrate that they would have enough to eat for the rest of the year.

The second guest was Mr Dave Baggley from Urban Outreach, who is also known to Junior Girls’ School pupils at the Chocolate Man. Much to the girls’ amusement he performed a comic mime which emphasised the importance of sharing. He said, “Harvest is a chance to share what we have. The best thing we do is sharing. It’s a chance for us to say thanks for all the great stuff we’ve got and share it with others. … Sharing changes the world. 72,000 people are fed by Urban Outreach each year, and your donations will change their world for the good and will make their lives better. You should be proud.”

Finally, head teacher Mrs Laverick thanked the girls for all the donations and asked them to pass on the same message to their parents.

The celebration assembly was framed by two Harvest hymns: ‘We Plough the Fields and Scatter’ and ‘Autumn Days’.

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