Bolton School Junior Girls

Junior Girls Go Italian!

Junior Girls celebrated this year's International Day with an 'all things Italian' theme giving them a flavour of the country's language, food and culture.

The girls spent a day filled with cross-curricular activities. They enjoyed food-tasting, singing and dancing and even played Italian bingo for cakes brought specially from Italy! For some, the Venetian mask-making was the highlight of the day, whilst others enthused about tower-building in the Art Straw Team Challenge. Everyone got into the spirit by wearing red, green and white clothing - including some imaginative usage of flags, ribbons and feathers!

In the food tasting they sampled different types of Italian food including Pasta with pesto, pepperoni, olives, panatone, garibaldi biscuits and amaretti biscuits. Girls voted on their favourite new food, saying if it was 'delizioso', 'non male' or 'discustoso' to create a whole school graph showing their preferences.  The clear winner was pasta with pesto, followed by pepperoni. Girls also filled in various challenge sheets throughout the day such as Italy quizzes and word searches which they could put in a draw to win prizes. Lunchtime came to life with a special visitor from Nintendo's Mario, themed food and an Italian photographic slide show, whilst the decorations and Italian pop music gave the dining hall a real party atmosphere.

In preparation for the day each girl had made their own Italian flag, which were hung up as decoration on the day. Each girl was also given a mini flag to fill with facts about Italy. Each Year group had a different topic to research such as school timetable in Italy, Italian popstars, festivals etc and these were used to make a whole-school display in the shape of a huge map of the country. The girls unearthed many interesting facts including the origins of the name Italy, where pizza originated, and that when MacDonalds first opened in Rome in 1986 food purists outside the restaurant gave away free spaghetti to remind people of their culinary heritage.

The events culminated in a celebration assembly where the girls wore their Venetian masks - each one unique and collectively a stunning sight to see. Prizes were awarded to the team with the 'least leaning' tower(!) and other challenges and the results of the whole-school bar graph to decide the favourite Italian food were revealed. All in all, a fabuloso experience!

Girls made Venetian masks
Girls sampled Italian foods
The map of Italy made up of facts