Bolton School Junior Girls

Juniors Help with BBC’s Terrific Scientific Filming

Year 6 pupils from Bolton School have been helping the BBC film for their Terrific Scientific initiative. Two Park Road boys, Cameron and Jayden, and two Hesketh House girls, Eimaan and Vlada, spent the day looking at trees across the campus with a small film crew. They were investigating what trees do for us and measuring how much carbon is contained in trees across the campus. Trees are essential to life on Earth, producing oxygen which we breathe in and using up carbon dioxide, one of the major causes of climate change. 

The BBC Terrific Scientific is a UK wide primary science initiative aimed at 9-11 year olds and their teachers. Over the next few months, the Terrific Scientific website will look at five different topics: Taste, Water, Time, Trees and Forces. Schools will be able to send results from pupils’ investigations to the BBC’s university research partners for analysis as well as uploading their data to an interactive map. It will mean that schools will be contributing to some of the biggest mass-participation scientific investigations that have ever happened in the UK. 

The Trees research will see children conducting an audit of the trees in their school grounds and helping map the carbon value of trees across the UK to discover just how important they are to the world. The film showing Bolton School pupils doing this should be online in March or April. 

You can learn more on the Terrific Scientific website where teachers can register their school for the scheme and make use of a wide range of teaching resources.

The Year 6 pupils proved able actors - and very patient!

The Year 6 pupils proved able actors - and very patient!