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Juniors Perform Hosanna Rock!

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Pupils at the Junior Girls’ School impressed matinee and evening audiences with their Christmas concert, which was held in the Girls’ Division Great Hall. They performed Hosanna Rock!, an uplifting retelling of the story of the nativity interspersed with poetry recitals and catchy songs.

The Hesketh House Choir opened the concert with ‘Bells Ring Out’ by Gavin Reid before the whole School came together to sing the ‘Hosanna Rock!’

The numerous Narrators then began to guide the audience through the key moments of the tale: Mary sang ‘How Can This Be?’ after receiving the angel Gabriel’s message, and the girls recollected the crowded conditions in Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus with ‘Nobody Wants to Know’ and ‘Little Baby’. As the tale moved on, the shepherds and the wise men each had their own section within the concert to relate their experiences through more poetry and song. Some of the highlights were the classic carol ‘Unto Us A Child Is Born’, pupils in Year 3 dancing to ‘Dormi Dormi’ as angels and stars, and the wise men processing into the Great Hall to the moving melody of ‘The Greatest Treasure’. Recitations of the poems ‘What The Donkey Saw’ by U A Fanthorpe and ‘Forgotten Attendants’ by Peggy Poole also gave voice to unusual perspectives on the nativity, telling the animals’ and insects’ sides of the story!

Many girls performed beautiful solos in the musical numbers, backed by the whole of the Junior Girls’ School for the chorus. A number of pupils also played tuned percussion instruments to add to the music.

The massed voices of the Junior Girls’ School gave voice to ‘Hosanna Rock’, ‘Emmanuel’ and ‘You Are My Brother’. The girls’ Spanish and English mash-up of ‘Felicidad Al Mundo’ and ‘Joy To The World’, once again sung by the whole school, made for a jubilant finale to Hosanna Rock!

At the end of the concert, a retiring collection was held in aid of Retrak, a charity which gives street children in Africa and Brazil a real alternative to life on the street. Retrak provides healthcare, refuge and education so that street children can realise their potential and discover their worth.


The whole of the Junior Girls’ performance is available to view via the following links: Part 1, Part 2.

Alternatively, listen to just the songs from Hosanna Rock! by clicking here or pressing the play button below:

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