"As I now look to my next steps in life at University, I am confident that my academic abilities and social skills which I have developed at Bolton School will get me far in life."

Year 13 Bursary Recipient, Girls' Division

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Melodious Music Festival

Tuesday, 07 February 2017

  • Music Festival Piano Y4 winners
  • Music Festival pianist
  • Music Festival cellist
  • Music Festival drummer
  • Music Festival flautist
  • Music Festival violinist
  • Music Festival saxophonist
  • Music Festival clarinetist

The Junior Girls’ annual Music Festival filled Hesketh House with a wide variety of melodies and songs over the course of two days this week.

The first day of the Music Festival was adjudicated by Jonathan Middleton, and was dedicated to the school’s pianists. On the second day, former Boys’ Division Director of Music Stephen Martin returned to Bolton School to act as adjudicator for the instrumental, voice, ensemble and beginners’ classes.

Pupils demonstrated the huge range of musical talent in the Junior Girls’ School across all year groups. In addition to piano and voice, girls performed on cello, clarinet, cornet, double bass, drums, flute, guitar, saxophone, ukulele and violin.

Both adjudicators were able to offer all of the girls some invaluable advice and feedback following their performances, as well as announcing the first, second and third place musicians in each class. Mr Middleton and Mr Martin both commented on how difficult it was to perform the task of choosing winners.

Parents and grandparents were invited to come along to watch pupils perform, and each year group also had the opportunity to enjoy the music-making.

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