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Mrs Critchley's Amazing Career

Monday, 06 July 2009

Mrs Kathryn Critchley said a sad goodbye to Bolton School after 35 years of service to the Girls' Division.

A ceremony was held to celebrate the much loved teacher's time at the School and pupils performed songs and readings dedicated to Mrs Critchley - highlights including a special 'Mrs Critchley' version of 'Amarillo' put together and performed by Year 5 pupils and a poem entitled 'Mrs Critchley' composed and recited by pupil, Abigail Harrison.

Along with all the pupils and staff, parents and Year 7 pupils from the Senior school who were taught by Mrs Critchley, also went along to say their goodbyes. There were picnics in the Arts Centre, which Mrs Critchley recalled was just a swimming pool when she arrived at the school, and the afternoon ended with some patriotic sing alongs and Union Jack flag-waving.

In her leaving speech Mrs Critchley thanked everybody and said she was quite overwhelmed. When she began teaching at Bolton School in 1974, she had only expected to be here for a couple of years! She complimented, the girls saying: "The girls here are wonderful girls with so many talents, and we have fantastic support from the parents. We as teachers are lucky at Bolton School in that we get the chance to see the Junior Girls progress through the Senior School and to leave the Sixth Form as mature, intelligent students ready to face the world."

Mrs Critchley finished the speech by asking the audience to give themselves a big round of applause, before being presented with leaving gifts, including a Radford Cutlery box set and a 'Memories Book' to remind her of her happy years at Bolton School. Mrs Critchley's 35 years was also celebrated later in the afternoon at the Girls' Division Staff Tea Party, where a number of former members of staff returned to see her honoured.

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Mrs Critchley was presented with gifts from pupils and staff to say goodbye and thank you

Mrs Critchley was presented with gifts from pupils and staff to say goodbye and thank you

Pupils enjoyed picnics in the Arts Centre

Pupils enjoyed picnics in the Arts Centre