Bolton School Junior Girls

New Head 'Comes Home'

When Carol Laverick took over as the new Head of Hesketh House, the Junior Girls’ School at Bolton School, she felt she was “coming home and completing the loop”. Mrs Laverick had already taught at the Junior Girls’ School towards the start of her teaching career from 1992-1999 and both her parents had attended Bolton School. She took up her post as Head of Hesketh House at the beginning of the 2016 Spring Term and certainly hit the ground running as she faced an ISI School Inspection within the first 5 weeks of being in position! 

Reflecting on the first half-term, she remarked: “It has been very busy, very exciting and very enjoyable. Everyone has been incredibly welcoming and helpful – the girls, their parents and teachers - and already I feel very much at home.” Asked if there had been any surprises on re-joining the School she replied: “No, not really. I knew the School would be in excellent shape and it is. It has been nice to meet up again with one or two old colleagues as well as getting to know current girls, parents and staff.  One thing that is new to me is ‘Habits of Mind’ and I have been really impressed with the skills that the girls are developing and how this is very much embedded in the School’s ethos.”

Looking towards the future, Mrs Laverick said: “You never want to stand still in education but it is comforting that wholesale changes are not needed. I hope to maintain the amazing reputation that the school has in the local area. Whilst we select academically able girls, we also look for girls with other skills and attributes. With iPads and cutting-edge technology we are well equipped for the future but we also ensure girls are grounded in traditional values of hard work, dedication and respect for others. I have also been particularly impressed with the diversity of the school and how girls celebrate one another’s successes across a wide range of activities.” Considering the question of what sort of girl she hopes leaves the Junior School, the new Head reflected: “We want girls to be educationally strong when they move to Senior School but also widely experienced, considerate and confident in order that they can become well-rounded members of the community.” 

Mrs Laverick – a self-proclaimed Bolton girl – gained a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics from the University of Edinburgh and worked at St Nicholas School in Fleet, Hampshire before working as a Class Teacher in Bolton School Junior Girls’ School, where she rose to become Second Mistress. She then spent 16 and a half years as Head of Westholme Junior School before moving back to Hesketh House.

Mrs Carol Laverick became Head of the Junior Girls' School in January 2016

Mrs Carol Laverick became Head of the Junior Girls' School in January 2016