Bolton School Junior Girls

Outdoor Learning Activity Day for Year 3 Girls

The first ever Outdoor Learning Activity Day was a huge hit with the youngest Hesketh House girls! A carousel of activities was arranged for the Year 3 pupils to enjoy throughout the day, designed as a precursor to the Patterdale trips that begin in Year 4.

They were given an introduction to orienteering and asked to find a series of markers using a map of the school grounds. Some were easily visible from the Hesketh House main entrance, but others were a real challenge for the girls to find!

On the edge of the school field, the girls learned a little about bush craft. They began by identifying different leaves and trees, which eventually progressed to them creating a shelter. The girls were really excited and worked hard to pull the tent-material taut and ensure that the guy-ropes were solidly pegged down with stones, or by tying them around trees. The most important part was, of course, the final leaf-decorations!

The team-building session was made up of several activities, but the girls had the most fun by far in the final task: navigating a series of ropes strung between trees, while they were all blindfolded. There was plenty of giggling as they followed the ropes and shouted encouragement and advice to one another along the way!

The final activity was archery, something which many of the girls were really looking forward to. It certainly did not disappoint! The groups were divided into two teams for the archery session, giving the girls some friendly competition and making it all the more interesting.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed the Outdoor Learning Activity Day, and now can’t wait for their trip to Patterdale next year!

The girls loved building shelters

The girls loved building shelters!

Archery was a favourite activity too

Archery was a favourite activity too

Even getting to the ropes course was a challenge

Even getting to the ropes course was a challenge!