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Eric Fairweather, Parent

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Outdoor Learning in the Sun

Monday, 19 June 2017

  • Y3 Outdoor Learning - girls in shelter
  • Y3 Outdoor Learning - ropes course
  • Y3 Outdoor Learning - archery
  • Y3 Outdoor Learning - orienteering
  • Y3 Outdoor Learning - shelter building
  • Y3 Outdoor Learning - team building
  • Y3 Outdoor Learning - chat
  • Y3 Outdoor Learning - teamwork

The sun shone for the Year 3 girls’ Outdoor Learning Day. This annual event includes a carousel of activities designed to introduce them to outdoor pursuits in the familiar surroundings of the School grounds. There were sessions on Bushcraft, Orienteering, Team Building and Archery and pupils were really excited to get involved and have a go at something new.

In pairs, the girls learned to map-read as they hunted for markers hidden around the grounds in the Orienteering activity. The various activities in the Team Building section of the day tested the girls’ ability to work together and communicate well, and they were challenged with activities such as navigating a ropes course through the trees while wearing blindfolds. Archery allowed pupils to improve their aim and accuracy and they enjoyed competing to see who would get closest to the bullseye. For Bushcraft, they learned more about identifying plants using their leaves and the session ended, much to the girls’ excitement, with the building of shelters!

The day offered a wonderful introduction to Outdoor Learning for the Year 3 girls. They are all now very excited for their overnight trip to Patterdale Hall, the School’s outdoor learning centre in the Lake District, at the end of Year 4.

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