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Over 100 Girls Perform in Music Festival

Tuesday, 09 February 2016

More than one hundred Junior Girls performed over the course of this year’s Music Festival! The annual celebration of music filled Hesketh House with a huge variety of melodies and tunes as pupils in Years 3 to 6 took to the stage to show off their musical talents. An audience of parents joined pupils in the hall as musicians from each year group had their turn in the spotlight. Over the course of the Music Festival, a number of girls took to the stage more than once to perform on a second instrument.

The first day of the Music Festival was dedicated to pianists, with Ms Celia Tope, a former music teacher at Bolton School, invigilating. The girls played some well-known pieces, from nursery rhymes like ‘Three Blind Mice’ and ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ to versions of pieces by Beethoven and Mozart, as well as some more modern tunes.

Instruments from every section of the orchestra were played on the second day: girls played the violin, cello, flute, saxophone, guitar, drums, clarinet, and trumpet, and there were also plenty of singers. Once again there was a wide variety of musical styles to enjoy, from traditional pieces like ‘Greensleeves’ and ‘Home on the Range’ to Disney classics to hits from musical theatre and many more. Girls’ Division Head of Music Mrs Andrea Price was the invigilator for the Instrumental and Ensembles sections.

The Small Ensembles and Large Ensembles categories were particular highlights of the Music Festival. For the Small Ensembles, the audience was treated to Violin, Piano and Cello Duets and also to the performance of ‘Bobby Shaftoe’ by the String Quartet. It was also great to see so many girls taking part in the Large Ensembles performances: the Orchestra with Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’, the String Ensemble with ‘Jazz Syncopation’, and the Choir’s winning performance of ‘California Dreamin'’’.

Ms Tope and Mrs Price were very impressed with the high standards throughout the Music Festival. Both expressed their pleasure at having listened to some wonderful music-making and their delight at the improvement in those girls they had seen perform on previous occasions. They also commented after every set of performances on how hard it was to differentiate between the excellent playing across the board and pick just three winners in each year group or category. They congratulated all of the performers on their confidence and bravery in standing up in front of the audience and giving such accomplished recitals.

All of the performers received certificates and some valuable feedback on their performance from Ms Tope or Mrs Price.

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Some of the girls who won trophies for their performances

Some of the girls who won trophies for their performances

The invigilators were very impressed with the quality of the girls

The invigilators were very impressed with the quality of the girls' performances on both days