Bolton School Junior Girls

Pupils Make Architectural Wonders in Workshop

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Pupils in Year 5 enjoyed a unique design and technology workshop based around building historical structures. Working together in small groups, they joined together bamboo canes using elastic bands to construct equilateral, isosceles and scalene triangles which were then built up into a variety of 3D mathematical shapes. The groups then brought their work together form larger structures.

In the morning, they built an enormous roundhouse which filled the whole of the Junior Girls’ Hall. The afternoon saw pupils start from scratch a second time to make two large Viking-style longboats, complete with sails and dragon heads decorating the bows!

The girls were delighted to learn a few facts about roundhouses and longboats while sitting inside their creations. There was even time to have a go at ‘rowing’ the impressive longboats using more bamboo poles.

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