"I remember my days at school vividly and with great affection. Bolton School has a great tradition in the liberal arts. I've always acted for the love of it and this first love was inspired at Hopefield, the school theatre."

Sir Ian McKellen - Actor and Old Boy

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Retelling Shakespeare's Tragic Love Story

Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Year 6 pupils at Bolton School Girls’ Division Junior School performed their own interpretations of Shakespeare’s tragic love story, Romeo and Juliet. The girls spent the summer term studying the play in the Bard’s own words, getting to grips with the difficult language and gaining an understanding of the plot. They then split up into groups to devise their own versions of each section of the story, splitting the Acts and Scenes between the whole year group.

The girls also gave their interpretation a modern twist – instead of being banished to Mantua, Romeo was mistakenly banished to Manchester!

Mrs Mary Worsley, one of the Year 6 teachers and the Junior Girls’ School English Coordinator, said, “Creative ideas abound – the girls used their knowledge of plot, characters and themes to create witty scripts for the stage. All of the costumes have been created and acquired by the girls themselves. Extension work based on the play resulted in the pupils designing and making miniature costumes for dolls, and an exhibition of their work will complement the evening’s drama.

“Drama promotes a sense of understanding of themes and characters and it provides opportunities to enhance self-confidence. The study of Shakespeare’s work for primary school pupils is an opportunity to excite and extend; it is story telling at its best, it should not be feared.”

The girls really embraced the opportunity to tell the tale of Romeo and Juliet in their own words and in their own way, with some even including dances in their sections of the story. They were really enthusiastic in working out how to show each important element of the story – from the star-cross’d lovers’ first meeting to their final, fatal kiss. They took great pride in every element of the performance, from writing the script to creating costume concepts, and have learned that hard work, enjoyment and a good sense of humour are all equally vital in producing a show!

All of the performers had a fantastic time as their trod the boards in the Girls’ Division Theatre and entertained parents, siblings and teachers with their vivacious production.

Themed cupcakes were baked for parents and pupils to enjoy after the show with a cup of tea, and with Star Cross’d Lover cakes, Poison Puddings, Death Marked Delicacies, Cup Capulets, Jamulets, Rolo Romeos and Broken-Hearted Romeos on offer, this was the perfect end to the evening.

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Drama as swordfights break out on the streets of Verona

Drama as swordfights break out on the streets of Verona

A rather unusual wedding scene with

A rather unusual wedding scene with 'Kermit' as the Friar!

The full cast takes to the stage for the finale

The full cast takes to the stage for the finale