Bolton School Junior Girls

Review Wins Manchester Children's Book Festival Competition

Olivia Sample of Year 4 has won the Favourite Children's Book Review Competition held at the John Rylands Library in Manchester, which she entered as part of this summer's Manchester Children's Book Festival. 

The reviews from children were on display in the John Rylands Library and Katie Donlon, Education and Learning Manager, at the library told Olivia: "Lots of people loved your illustration and explanation as to why it is your favourite book - your entry is now covered in voting stickers! I know you have definitely convinced a few people here to go out and read it too."

As a prize, Olivia was sent a specially backed copy of the book she reviewed, "My Secret War Diary - My History of the Second World War 1939-1945" written by Marcia Williams. Olivia was allowed to chose the colour of the cover and asked for her school colours of maroon, black, white and golden yellow. The specially bound book included Olivia's name and a record of the competition. 

Excerpts from Olivia's review are below:

"Because the book has things to open and discover, it is great for children who are not yet confident reading long books. But even if you are a very good reader, there is so much in it to satisfy."

"The best character in the book is Flossie - she is funny and kind and never gives up, no matter what. Although there are many laughs, there are also some very sad parts in this book such as when members of Flossie's family die in war and when the truth about the Nazi concentration camps is discovered. This diary has made me realise how lucky we all are to be safe and sound.  WAR IS BAD. My favourite part of the book is at the end - I won't give it away but let's just say it is all Flossie's wishes come true!

I hope you enjoy looking through this book as much as I have."



Olivia Sample and her specially backed book

Olivia Sample and her specially backed book - in the colours of Hesketh House!