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Charlotte, Year 10

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Robin Hood Teaches Girls Science!

Tuesday, 04 October 2011

A visit from the Kinetic Theatre helped inspire, educate and entertain girls with a musical play geared to the National Curriculum for Science. The interactive story of Robin and the Withering Wood went down exceptionally well with the girls, who joined in enthusiastically.

The girls followed the story of Robin Hood and Maid Marion as they discover something wrong with Sherwood Forest: trees are dying, plants are wilting and the birds have flown away! They must fight to save the woodland habitat they call home, despite the best efforts of the Sheriff of Nottingham and Witch Weed to destroy it! During the educational and fun performance, pupils learned all about animals and their habitats, the seven conditions for living things, plant growth and the necessity for light, water and the function of the roots, the role of chlorophyll and the action of U.V. light, and simple food chains and food webs.

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