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School Raises Over £2700 For Children in Need

Friday, 20 November 2015

Pupils at Bolton School raised an incredible total of over £2706.83 for Children in Need last week.

Throughout last week, the Year 9 girls were hard at work during break and lunchtimes to put on stalls selling cakes and sweets to their fellow students – and even some members of staff. The girls in each form group had lots of enthusiasm throughout each day and the stalls often sold out before the end of lunch. The girls raised a fantastic £827.20 overall.

On Friday, the Junior Boys created their own superhero capes based on their own personalities and interests, and brought in a £2 donation to take part. They raised a grand total of £378.16.

Meanwhile, the Junior Girls came to school wearing funky socks for Children in Need! Stripes, spots, and every other pattern imaginable was on show, and the girls had selected a rainbow of colours to brighten up the rather wet and rainy day. They also raised change jars and piggy banks at home for 5p pieces, and managed to raise £283.80 for the charity.

Children in the Nursery arrived wearing superhero costumes and spent the day engaged in Pudsey-themed activities, while their parents bought tickets for a hamper raffle or put in bids for the Pudsey Cake in a silent auction! The total amount raised from these activities was £367.67.

The Nursery Class for Three and Four Year Olds also got in on the Children in Need action by baking their own cakes to sell to parents in a cake sale. As well as having a lot of fun, they made £47.25 to donate. Along with Beech House Infants School, who came to school in hero-themed fancy dress on the day of Children in Need, they raised a very impressive grand total of over £850.

All across the School, the children and their families had a lot of fun with the various activities while also raising money and awareness for Children in Need.

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Some of the Junior Girls

Some of the Junior Girls' colourful socks

The Year 9 girls held a series of cake and sweet sales to raise money

The Year 9 girls held a series of cake and sweet sales to raise money

Small superheroes at the Nursery

Small superheroes at the Nursery