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Schoolchildren Are Taken to the Moon!

Wednesday, 08 March 2017

  • Google Expeditions - Looking around a virtual environment
  • Google Expeditions - Junior School pupils discovered virtual locations together
  • Google Expeditions - Amazing virtual reality
  • Google Expeditions - Exciting virtual worlds
  • Google Expeditions - Junior boys enter VR
  • Google Expeditions - Junior Girls Explore
  • Google Expeditions - Infants explore virtual reality

Infants and Juniors at Bolton School have enjoyed a thrilling range of adventures which included visiting the Milky Way, the centre of a volcano, the Borneo rainforest, the Seven Wonders of the World and a journey back in time to Anglo-Saxon Britain, all courtesy of Google Expeditions. The Google team, encamped for a day at Bolton School, came with a supply of Virtual Reality headsets which generated much excitement amongst Y1 and Y2 of Beech House and Junior Boys and Junior Girls. 

Head of the Junior Boys’ School, Mrs Faulkner, said: “I hope that this experience has not only enhanced the children’s learning in these specific areas but has also sparked an interest and enthusiasm beyond the normal curriculum. However much we might pride ourselves on the range of trips we are able to take the boys on, even we would have to admit defeat when it comes to travelling to the moon!” 

Expeditions is a new product that allows teachers to take their classes on virtual field trips, immersing pupils in experiences that bring abstract concepts to life and giving pupils a deeper understanding of the world beyond the classroom. The Wildlife Conservation Society, PBS, the American Museum of Natural History, the Planetary Society and the Palace of Versailles have all contributed to developing the curriculum for pupils. 

The Google Cardboard viewer is a virtual reality viewer made almost entirely of actual cardboard and allows anyone with a smartphone to experience virtual reality. Over 5 million have already been produced.



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