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Splash of Colour for Photography Competition

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  • Photography Competition Overall winner Anagha Harishkumar Y4
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  • Photography Competition Y3 winner Sammie Makin
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  • Photography Competition Y4 winner Nia Raja
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  • Photography Competition Y5 winner Rosie Heywood
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  • Photography Competition Y6 winner Gabby Read

The Junior Girls’ annual Photography Competition challenged pupils to capture ‘A Splash of Colour’. This year the girls’ entries were judged by photographer Adam Crowther, who was very impressed with the entries from all four year groups. The five winners were announced in the end of year presentation assembly on the last day of term, and each of the girls received a print of her winning photograph on canvas as her prize.

The overall winner was Anagha Harishkumar in Year 4. Adam said her image of a food stall echoed the style of 1960s American photographer William Eggleston, often called ‘the father of colour photography’. In his comments he also said, “This image has so much going on in it which you don’t notice at first. It’s very richly saturated (looks like an old Kodak film) and full of contrasting colours. The composition is full of squares and rectangles which act as frames of reference to draw your eye in to the detail, where lots more colourful details reveal themselves – from chilli peppers to dolls and clouds and flowers, it is a riot of colour and detail. Finally you notice the sole person in the frame, working at the food counter. It makes a great street photography image.”

The year group winners were Sammie Makin in Year 3, Nia Raja in Year 4, Rosie Heywood in Year 5, and Gabby Read in Year 6.

Adam also gave his comments on each of their photographs:

Sammie’s ‘Dinosaur Tea Party’: “I love the way this image has been thought through and arranged. It is the only photograph in the competition which has purposely been arranged which is a requirement of many types of photography. It make me laugh every time I see it – it is almost as if the toys are real the way they are looking at the camera and leaning into each other, about to have a tea party. They are also very colourful!”

Nia’s ‘Bangles and Bracelets’: “Amazing bokeh on this image (where the image fades into blurring away from the focus point) drawing the viewer’s eye to the sharp area of focus on the detail of the bracelets. Also lots of deep vibrant colour.”

Rosie’s mysterious photograph: “This is the picture I have most looked at, and I still don’t know what it is. This is not the most colourful picture in the competition by a long way. It is mostly made of complete black, but the colour that is there is indeed ‘a splash’.  There is a vibrant, mysterious and contrasting quality to it. I really like use of negative space (all the black area which serves to focus the attention on the colour).  This photo breaks all the normal rules of photography!”

Gabby’s concert image: “This is a great editorial image, which could easily be published in a magazine or news article to go with a write up of the concert. The image is very vibrant and lively and really captures the atmosphere of the event with all the different lights and fireworks in the sky giving a sense of huge scale to the event. You can almost hear the noise through the picture.”

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