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ISI Inspection of the Girls' Division 2016

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Summer Concert Celebrates the Natural World

Wednesday, 05 July 2017

  • Songs of the Earth - rainbow ribbon
  • Songs of the Earth - Ten Seeds Spanish
  • Songs of the Earth - narration
  • Songs of the Earth - dancer
  • Songs of the Earth - ribbon rainbow
  • Songs of the Earth - Spanish
  • Songs of the Earth - dancers
  • Songs of the Earth - Sharks
  • Songs of the Earth - the jaguar
  • Songs of the Earth - storm dancers
  • Songs of the Earth - sharks dancing
  • Songs of the Earth - singer

The Junior Girls in Years 3 to 5 put on a marvellous Summer Concert in the spectacular surroundings of the Girls’ Division Great Hall. They took their audience on a journey through the elements of earth, air, fire and water to perform the ‘Songs of the Earth’.

The concert began with the song ‘One Sun One World’, taking a broad view across the whole of the planet, before zooming in on the earth, sea and sky in turn. The poem ‘In Tune with Mother Nature’ by Hanna Stephens, performed by Alexia Howarth and Imogen Ferrier, also introduced the idea of reconnecting with nature which was central to the concert. Thought-provoking narration from the girls helped to frame and connect each section, as well as all of the musical pieces and poetic recitations.

The concert first transported the audience to the centre of the rainforest with a song, performed by all the girls, and a poem from Year 5 both named after this incredible place. Gabby Ferris Koussa sang the beautiful solos in ‘The Jaguar’ to bring this creature of the rainforest to life. Continuing the section on the earth the girls sand ‘Born in a Wonderful World’. The Year 3 children then told their story ‘Diez Semillas’ (Ten Seeds), which was performed entirely in Spanish and showed what happened to ten seeds after they were planted: only one eventually became a flower, and created ten more seeds of its own! Having looked at the plants and animals of the world, the girls then turned their attention to the people and sang ‘Children of the World’.

Moving onward from the earth to the sea, the Year 4 pupils gave two spine-tingling poetic recitations: first ‘The Sea’ by James Reeves, which imagines “The sea is a hungry dog, Giant and grey”, followed by ‘Water is a Lovely Thing’ by Nancy Byrd Turner, which describes some of the many varied forms this element can take. The narrators then introduced some of the creatures who have adapted to live under the sea, such as sharks, leading in to a humorous performance of ‘Ocean Commotion’.

Looking upwards from water to air, the girls then looked at all the things the audience might see in the sky: from birds and butterflies to kites and aeroplanes! Emily Whalley and Caitlin Hurt performed ‘The Kite’ by Harry Behn and all the girls sang ‘Hot-Air Balloon’ before they moved on to a more natural phenomenon: the rainbow! Lola Marcroft gave a lovely performance of ‘Ride on a Rainbow’ before all the girls sang ‘I can Sing a Rainbow’ including verses in Spanish (Canto Un Arcoiris), accompanied by rainbow ribbon dancing from several girls at the front. The girls also recalled the power of the weather with the song ‘Thunder and Lightning’, accompanied by the percussionists and complete with dancers to mimic the swirling of tropical storms.

To bring the Summer Concert to a close, the Year 3 girls recited the poem ‘The View from Space’ by Eric Finney to return to a planet-wide view. This continued with the song ‘We Share a Wonderful Wold’ and the poem ‘Earth’ by Josh Mustoe-Linnane, performed by Emma Taylor-Beardsworth. Sophie Swift gave a heartfelt rendition of ‘Colours of the Wind’, supported by the rest of the pupils singing each chorus. Finally, the Junior Girls reprised ‘One Sun One World’ to end the ‘Songs of the Earth’.

Mrs Laverick thanked the girls for a beautiful performance and led everyone in a round of applause for Mrs Holt, who was instrumental in putting the whole concert together. A retiring collection was held for Retrak, a charity which helps street children in East Africa to break away from the cycle of poverty, lack of education, ill health and malnutrition by providing them with sustainable medical, educational and psychological long-term support.


Click here to listen to all of the musical pieces from ‘Songs of the Earth’ via the School’s Soundcloud.

Click here or press the play button below to watch a Playlist of the whole performance, or click the following links to access different sections: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven.

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