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ISI Inspection of the Girls' Division 2016

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'Tales of Hesketh House' Concert Celebrates Centenary

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

This year’s Summer Concert was a celebration of the School’s Centenary, with a focus on School life. A range of poetry and prose readings, drama, dance and music allowed all of the girls in Years 3 to 5 a chance to take part.

The theme was ‘Tales of Hesketh House’ and aimed to remind parents of their own schooldays, while also describing the experience of attending the Junior Girls’ School – either as a pupil or as a teacher! With history and comedy expertly intertwined, this made a very entertaining spectacle for the family members who came to watch.

Some of the songs, including ‘Monday Morning’ and ‘Lunchtime Queue’ allowed the girls to perform percussion as well as sing, while upbeat number ‘El Abecedario’ was performed perfectly in Spanish, representing the School’s strong engagement with foreign languages.

Pieces such as ‘The Losing Things Song’ and ‘The Grumpy Teacher’ were unmistakably from the point of view of pupils, while ‘Scissors’ put the children in their teachers’ shoes for a change! ‘Headmaster’s Song’ cast some of the children as teachers, ticking off the pupils, which made for a really amusing contrast that had the audience laughing out loud.

‘When I Grow Up’ and ‘The Power In Me’ added a more poignant note towards the end of the performance. The final piece was new song, written for the occasion by Ananya Ajit in Year 5 and Ellen Masterson in Year 6. ‘Thank You Lord Leverhulme’ is an uplifting musical celebration of the School’s founder, whose vision and ethos has meant that over the last century thousands of pupils from all backgrounds have been able to benefit from a Bolton School education.

Throughout the concert, a number of girls tackled solo performances with great confidence and enthusiasm. All of the girls put on a fantastic show, which was an excellent end to the summer term.


Click here or press the play button below to listen to the whole concert again via the School’s Soundcloud:


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Tales of Hesketh House was a great celebration of School life

Tales of Hesketh House was a great celebration of School life


The 'Lunchtime Queue' song got everyone's toes tapping

Girls took on the roles of pupil, parents and teacher for Allan Ahlberg

Girls took on the roles of pupil, parents and teacher for Allan Ahlberg's 'Parents Evening' poem