Bolton School Junior Girls

Viking Invasion of Hesketh House

Girls enjoyed a day with a difference when a Viking came to visit Year 4 and brought history to life.  His talks and workshops about Viking life went down particularly well.  He brought with him a wide range of artefacts, from cooking pots to animal fur, from swords to chainmail. He talked to the girls about Viking life, invading and settling. In the afternoon the girls participated in workshops about playing Viking games, making thumb pots, sketching artefacts and acting out Viking warfare!

During the wet playtime the girls wrote these messages to him:

"Today has been awesome, I hope you do it again! I have enjoyed this day a lot. I love learning about the swords and dressing up as Viking children." Mabel

"Thank you for coming in today. The armour is very heavy and so is the helmet I wore. You have taught me a lot and I have had a great day. I loved the new uniform." Holly

Viking artefacts

Girls got to inspect a range of artefacts

Battle cry!

Trying out a battle cry

History is brought to life!