Bolton School Junior Girls

Viking Visitor Enthrals Girls

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Junior Girls at Bolton School were thrilled to watch history come to life as they welcomed a large, hairy Viking visitor – socially distanced of course! The ‘invader’ set up in the School Hall and outside where he showed off a wide variety of artefacts including his sword and shield, his iron and wooden cooking pots and maps of the Viking world. He regaled the pupils with stories about what life was like for Vikings and Anglo-Saxons, explaining the different way that they engineered their ships which allowed them to move around the world much quicker than anyone had previously thought possible. He told of the many good reasons for raiding the UK; he even performed some ‘Viking magic’ by lighting a fire with flint, which, he said, was believed to contain the spirit of fire. 

Pupils were fully immersed in the presentation, asking thoughtful questions as they learnt how most of what we know about Vikings comes from archaeology - all the rubbish that people threw away 1,000 years ago! The girls enjoyed hearing about how people lived on farms surrounded by woods or forests - a world that would be familiar to them from fairy-tales such as Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel and Snow White, which originate from this time.

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