Bolton School Junior Girls

WWI Display in Market Place

Work on the First World War created by pupils from the Girls’ Division Junior and Senior Schools is currently on display in Bolton’s Market Place. A wide variety of creative pieces are exhibited, from poems and fictional diary entries to artwork in a number of styles.

Year 6 pupils contributed acrostic poems on the theme of ‘war’ and a number of ‘recipes for war’. They also made several different styles of artwork, from black and white collages to colourful and dramatic pieces based on the Futurist art movement. After reading War Game by Michael Foreman, a novel about the First World War, the girls drew a pencil sketch based on the imagery in the book; some chose to focus on the peacefulness of the English countryside before the war, while others produced images from the propaganda of the time or of the grim realities once the men reached the front lines.

Girls from Year 9 also submitted their work for display. One of the girls created a timeline of the War from its beginnings in June 1914 to the eventual peace in November 1918. Several other girls put together projects about different aspects of the War, from the role of women to the conditions in the trenches. The girls used their knowledge of the propaganda of the period to draw their own striking recruitment posters.

Pupils also put themselves in the position of the men who went to war, writing moving diary entries, letters home, and poems from their point of view. One of the Year 9s used her artistic skills to create a ‘soldier’s kit’ complete with letters and a photograph of his family, while another made a ‘gas mask’ in its box; these are also on display.

The work will be exhibited in the Market Place in Bolton until the end of the August Bank Holiday Weekend. The exhibition is located in one of the units on the Upper Ground Floor between the escalators and Starbucks.

Jr Girl Art - WWI Propaganda

The soldier's kit and gas mask are displayed with hand-written letters

Some of the Junior Girls' artwork

The Year 9 girls work

The Year 9 girls' work

Part of the display was inspired by Futurism

Part of the display was inspired by Futurism