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Year 3 Girls Visit the Dewa Roman Experience

Friday, 23 May 2014

The Year 3 girls left Hesketh House behind in favour of a sunny day at the Dewa Roman Experience in Chester.

A Roman soldier took the girls on a walk through Roman Chester, which was a fortress, and showed them the old walls and amphitheatre. They then re-enacted a battle using the ‘tortoise’ formation to protect each other.

At the museum, they were able to see what life was like in a Roman town. One of the displays showed the actual layers of history underneath the street all the way down to the Roman layer, which the girls found fascinating. They also looked at some of the Roman artefacts that were found in Chester. For the final activity, the girls tried on Roman-style clothing and armour for themselves!

The girls from 3J said, “The soldier was loud and scary, but he told us a lot and we will remember this visit for a long time to come.”

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Learning the tortoise battle formation

Learning the 'tortoise' battle formation

One of the girls in Roman armour

One of the girls in Roman armour

The girls found the museum artefacts really interesting

The girls found the museum artefacts really interesting!