Bolton School Junior Girls

Class Representatives

This is an exciting new initiative for Hesketh House Parents’ Association, started in September 2013. A Class Rep helps build a sense of community among the class parents and it is they who provide the link between the parents and the PA.

It is an evolving role as we all experience and understand what works and what needs amending.

The PA has asked for a parent from each class, for this role for during the academic year 2014/15. Being a Class Rep is an important role, helping to foster new friendships.

Class Rep meetings will scheduled occasionally to share ideas and feedback. The majority of the communication will be via email. The Class Rep role is not expected to take up more than three hours of your time each term.

It is a role that will help you build friendships across the parent body of the school.

The Class Rep does not have to be a member of the PA, and is not required to attend the regular PA meetings. It is envisaged that most parents will opt to be Class Reps for a whole year.


Skills / Roles of an Effective Class Representative

A Class Rep possesses excellent communication skills.

She/he is a person that other parents feel they could trust and so feel confident to share their opinions and contact details.

A Class Rep is able to spread his/her own enthusiasm for school events.

A Class Rep will be required to have frequent contact with parents/guardians of children in his/her daughter’s class.

Class Reps will help to recruit volunteers and support for activities/events being organised by the Parent’s Association, and respectfully accept offers/requests being declined by parents.

Class Reps will be able to gather feedback and suggestions to forward to the Parent’s Association.

Class Reps will understand that no parent is under any obligation to forward their contact details to him/her, and will respect another parent’s choice not to.

The Class Rep may be contacted by Mrs Brierley to act as a point of referral for a new family joining the school. In this instance the Class Rep’s role will be to help integrate the family and calm any apprehensions the new parents may feel.


A Class Rep does not replace the parent/teacher relationship. Individual pupils or situations must be discussed by the parent direct with the teacher.

A Class Rep is the link between parents and the PA, there is no link with the pupils, their personal details or their work.

A Class Rep will not send scam emails, or involve parents in chain mails.

A Class Rep will hold contact information responsibly, and will not disclose the information to any external bodies.

A Class Rep role can be very helpful to the parent body if he/she does not become overbearing. As is the case with every member of the PA Committee, no one parent is more important than another.

The Class Rep will contact all parents on their list to ensure fair distribution of information at all times.

A Class Rep may also want to…

Circulate a contacts list between parents whose daughters’ are hoping to contact each other during the school holidays. Permission from the parents MUST be gained prior to doing this.

Arrange a social meeting/meal for the parents.


2014/15 Class Representatives

Class Class Representative
3J Nazish Ashraf (
3M Amanda Nuttall  
4H Sarah Shaw (
4T Emma Lowe (
5LF Yvonne Shum (
5H Michelle Dixon (
6P Monica Bhushan (
6W Amanda  Grundy (
 Class Rep Coordinator: Mandy Hundle (