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Welcome to another busy school year!

This is a very special year for Bolton School as the 100/500 Celebrations will begin in the Spring Term: 500 years of education in Bolton School and 100 years of the Foundation on the present site.

Here at Hesketh House we are very fortunate to have an active Parents’ Association and we hope that you will be able to support us and partake in our varied activities.

All parents become members of our Parents’ Association once their daughter starts Hesketh House. The PA is financed entirely by its events and the voluntary donations parents may choose to pay at the start of the school year.

We are always looking for new committee members and for new ideas. Becoming involved in the PA is an ideal opportunity for parents to gain an insight into the daily workings of the school and to become involved in school life.    

We invite parents to work with the Parents’ Association to help complement the school environment by giving Mrs Brierley the opportunity to have a wish list of items/opportunities for the girls, otherwise not provided for by Fee Income.

We understand that family and work commitments often leave parents with little or no spare time, however, there are a variety of ways you can support us:

  • Attend PA meetings, as a committee member, and help with activities. Mums and Dads welcome!
  • Committee members may choose to devote extra time and effort by becoming a Coordinator for a forthcoming event.
  • Some Committee members will step forward to take on our four Officer roles. This vote will take place on 13th October 2014.
  • Parents can simply offer to help with activities/events by joining the “happy to help” list.
  • Parents can support our fundraising efforts through requested donations.
  • Families can attend our events and have lots of fun whilst contributing to PA funds, ready to be spent on those little extras for all our daughters.

All these are invaluable roles and the PA could not serve the school, and your daughters, without any of these varied forms of support.


PA communication may be sent to you in paper form. This will always be on yellow paper for easy identification.

Look out for weekly notices placed on the PA board at the back of the playground.

Please take the time to read our regular updates posted in the PA section of the weekly Hesketh House Newsletter.


Ways to contact the PA

Through your Class Representative


Email the Secretary to the PA:


Useful Contacts

Joint Chairman/Treasurer
Jayson Nunkoo:   

Joint Chairman/Secretary, Class-Representatives Co-ordinator
Mandy Hundle: 

Outgrown Uniform Sales
Laura Chuck:

Beverley Hill:


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