Bolton School Junior Girls

Outgrown Uniform Sale

Ongoing Throughout the Year:

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents who have supported us on this endeavour. Donated uniform items have helped us to raise money to put back into our school, as well as being a very useful service for parents.

You can also download a list of items for sale at competitive prices here.

Outgrown Uniform Sales are conducted as one-to-one meetings. To arrange a convenient appointment for yourself please contact Laura Chuck:  

Any parent wishing to donate uniform items should contact Laura or Hesketh House Office. Parents are welcome to attach envelopes to each item if they require 50% of the sale price to be returned to them, once the item is sold. Please write your contact details onto each envelope.


Outgrown Uniform Sales

The sale of pre-used uniform items is conducted throughout the year on a one-to-one basis. Please contact Laura Chuck for an appointment.

Item  Cost 
Black, Fleece-Lined Coat (£20) £7 
Art Oerall (£20-£23)  £7 
Blazer (£42-£45)  £14 
Maroon Jumper (£19-£22)  £7 
Tartan Skirt (£23-£27)  £8 
Long-Sleeved Blouse (£9)  £3 
Short-Sleeved  Blouse (£9) £3 
Summer Dress (£36-£44)  £14 
Games Skirt (£10-£14)  £4 
PE Polo Shirt (£8-£10.50)  £3 
Navy PE Sweatshirt (£11.50)  £4 
PE Trousers (£26-£30)  £9 
Gym Shorts (£9-£11.50)  £3 
Black Leotard (£15-£19)  £5 
Black Swimsuit (£12)  £4 
  New Items:
Hair Scrunchies, 2 designs  £3 each 
School Rucksack  £12.50 
Junior Girls hard at work