Bolton School Nursery

The Butterfly Room

The Butterfly Room is the second room of Pre-School. We cater for children aged 3-4 years old and our ratio is 1 adult to every 8 children. The Butterfly Room consists of two rooms set out with different areas, including mark making, sand and water play, roleplay, music and much more. The children are free to choose where they would like to play.

Throughout the day children are encouraged to make decisions for themselves. This is done through a free-flow play structure with support from the staff team; this helps the children to prepare for their exciting transition into school and to become a more independent individual.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and all our experienced staff will support children in their exciting learning journey. Within the nursery all children are supported in their learning and development.

Each key worker group is colour coded. The key worker is responsible for supporting the learning and personal files for all the children in their group, and will plan activities to suit your child's needs. With this system we are able to work in partnership with parents in enhancing children's development.

The Nursery holds an annual Parents' Evening, where parents are invited to come and discuss their child's learning and development. This is also a great opportunity for both key worker and parent to discuss any relevant issues or concerns regarding the children, and it is great to take time out to be able to speak to the parents on a one to one basis. The evening allows us to celebrate the fantastic work that children have done and to consider how we can further enhance learning.

Parents are also free to speak to any Butterfly staff throughout the Nursery working day.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Within the butterfly room we have the opportunity to take part in some great extra-curricular activities such as:

  • Ballet at Beech House (included in weekly fees)
  • Swimming at David Lloyd's Gymnasium (at an additional cost)
  • French lessons
  • Kids Rock sessions

Further details of our extra-curricular opportunities can be found on the Extra-Curricular Activities page.

Butterflies also take part in lots of trips, which include visits to:

  • Knowsley Safari park
  • Queen's Park
  • Bolton Museum
  • and many more!

Butterflies also have a special week during which each child is asked to bring in special things such as photos or toys. To celebrate their lives, these will be shown and discussed with all their friends at circle time and displayed throughout the week. This gives children the opportunity to feel a sense of pride, fulfillment and enjoyment in what they do in their lives, whether it is playing in their room or going on adventures. This helps children to develop their self esteem and build their confidence in speaking to a variety of groups, whether it is adults, small groups of children, or the whole class. Each child will be allocated a week and staff inform all parents prior to their week so there is time to prepare.

Children on a trip to Blackpool Zoo

Confident investigators