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Tweenies (2 to 3 years)

The Tweenie room can hold a maximum of 15 children in a day, with an age range varying from 20 months to 30 months old. The ratio for Tweenies can be dependent on the age range as children are a mixture of Under 2s (1 adult to every 3 children) and Over 2s (1 adult to every 4 children). All staff have a minimum of a Level 3 qualification.

We provide varied learning experiences and lots of fun within a safe and happy environment. Your child's daily programme includes a wide variety of activities such as: jigsaws, modelling, singing, dancing and listening to stories, rhymes and toilet training (dependent upon the individual child)!

We like to encourage children to choose their own activities so that they can become more independent, it also gives us a chance to learn about their individual likes, dislikes and interests. We have a new outdoor play area and our setting has all the resources to support children whatever the weather, from sun hats to wellies to all in one waterproof outfits. This enables us to make the most of our outdoors area.

The Tweenie room concentrates on:

  •  Children's social and interaction skills
  •  Dealing with emotions
  •  Behaving appropriately at meal times.

The room has a total of 5 key workers who work closely with the children, enabling them to reach thier full potential.

Our team work to achieve these previously stated goals by providing:

  • A wide variety of activities that encourage children to explore all of their senses
  • Experiences of creativity
  • Lots of messy play
  • Easy access to drinking water throughout the day
  • Support to encourage individuality
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"Please." "Please."

Bolton School Nursery is proud to say that we are a fully affiliated "Sing and Sign" Nursery. This is a great form of communication which is sometimes used by individuals who may find it difficult to communicate their needs or interests verbally. Tweenies staff use Sing and Sign at every possible opportunity - such as song time, meal times, nappy changing times - and the children love every minute of it.

We enjoy doing Sing and Sign at circle time. We also use sign language within the room, especially at meal times when we sign "please" and "thank you". This is usually beneficial when children find it difficult to speak or if they are a very shy child.

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"All Gone." "More."

The setting offers a number of extra curricular activities which are focused on particular age ranges and rooms. Tweenies room has music and movement sessions called "Kids Rock", which are available to the children once a month. As you can imagine, we have great fun experiencing all different kinds of sounds, giving children instruments to freely "Rock" and enjoy such moments with their friends and key workers.

The coordinator, Chris, is fantastic with the children and even uses sign language, promoting communication with all children.


For more information please see the Extra Curricular Activities page where you will find in-depth information regarding each individual session offered by the nursery.

Tweenies at Bolton School Nursery
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