Bolton School Nursery

French Lessons

Butterflies have the opportunity to learn French.

The setting has a teacher of French who attends once a week, giving the children opportunities to learn and experience other countries and their cultures.

The teacher provides children with the opportunities to:

  • Differentiate between ranges of vocabulary and sounds
  • Work together as a team
  • Work alongside each other
  • Understand and learn from other peoples' experiences

Bolton School Nursery has been organising French sessions for children since 2001, and we are still using the same company: Lucie Carroué Ltd. The teachers offer:

  • cross-curriculum activities for pre-school children
  • fun and games-based learning methods
  • resources including songs, and activity sheets

The teachers from Lucie Carroué Ltd. are trained and CRB checked; all associated administration is operated by the Area Organiser.

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