Bolton School Nursery

Kids Rock

Kids Rock sessions are held at the Nursery on a regular basis. These sessions are for children aged 0-5 years. All rooms love to get involved in the fun new sessions our teacher brings!

The sessions are lots of fun and include instruments, dance games, sign, live and taped music, voice, and much more. They are planned to develop the children at differentiated rates within all areas of the EYFS.

Music can be linked to all areas of the curriculum and, when used effectively, will also aid learning whilst developing important skills which may be used in later life. Of course, it is also a lot of fun!

Music encourages language development, improves coordination, enhances motor skills, and boosts self esteem.

Recent research shows that there is a definite link between music, rhythm and beat, and early reading development. When a child sings, he or she explores sequences and orders sounds, which are critical skills for reading.

Music is effective because:

  •  It is a non-verbal form of communication
  •  It is a natural reinforcer
  •  It is immediate in time
  •  It provides motivation for practising non musical skills

Most importantly, it is a successful medium because almost everyone responds positively to at least some kind of music.

Preferred music may be used contingently for a wide variety of co-operative social behaviours, like sitting in a chair or staying with a group of other children in a circle. Music is also important because it helps children learn to co-operate, follow directions and develop social relationships. It helps them to learn how to get along with other people who live in their society.

Through the Kids Rock sessions, children are able to:

  • develop memory recall
  • develop self-awareness and self esteem
  • develop social skills
  • learn to listen
  • learn to be creative
  • learn new words and ideas
  • gain confidence
  • follow directions...... to name but a few!
Kids Rock